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Telecommunications and Technology

Justinweb has established itself as a leading ITES (information technology enabled services) company in Africa. We through our sincere efforts and prompt services have been able to carve a niche for ourselves as a comprehensive consulting services and solutions in African cities. Our well trained manpower with the assistance of current generation technology and equipments cater to IT issues through different sectors of the economy.

Justinweb consulting services are provided in areas of

  • Information architecture,
  • Solution architecture,
  • Solution infrastructure,
  • Shange management and governance,
  • Enterprise user experience,
  • IT strategy,
  • Business process modernization,
  • E-commerce and intranet.

We pride ourselves as an accomplished solution provider in spheres comprising system integration, customised solutions, e-commerce, enterprise mobility, and enterprise content and collaboration. At Justinweb we always deliver projects in time and at competitive prices without compromising on quality. It is because of this approach that we are now a leading ITES company in entire Africa.

Justinweb in Telecommunications

Telecommunications is amongst the most crucial sectors of any developing economy. The prevalence of internet and concept of global marketing is a fall out of large scale improvement in telecommunications sector. This forms the backbone of all online communication that is done throughout the world every moment. Telecommunications is a highly demanding sector that needs to perform 24 hours a day and seven days a week without fail.

With this high availability it is important that systems and support are of the highest standards. It is also a known fact that telecom companies are often at the receiver’s end in times of customer complaints. We at Justinweb ensure that our telecom packages are of superlative standards and meet customers’ requirements. We always attempt to offer telecom solutions of a higher level thereby enabling to stay a couple of steps ahead in the technology race.

As a dedicated telecommunications and technology service provider we offer the following services:

  • Application Integration – Telecommunication is such a sector that deals in transmitting voice, data, and images. Each one of these is a definitive application and requires precise integration to be communicated simultaneously. With multiple packages running on different platforms integrating applications is always a challenge for us.
  • System Integration – Together with application integration, system integration is another area of specialization. Communication through internet and a network needs meticulous planning and precision integration of hardware, software, networking devices, and communication appliances. Even a slight error could lead to the entire communication network breaking up.
  • Enterprise Content Management – Telecommunication and technologies are used extensively by large scale enterprises that need to transmit innumerable data in any definitive time period. This calls for highly efficient enterprise content management system. Professionals at Justinweb are experts in tackling these intriguing management tasks.
  • Service Oriented Architecture – For an elaborate telecommunications network it is important that the entire architecture is well structured and serviceable. As this is an installation demanding a high availability of 99.999% there should not be any areas of confusion in the entire network.
  • IT Strategy – IT strategy is inherent in any system integration setup and telecommunication is not an exception.
  • Asset Management – Management of assets, in this case the entire hardware and systems setup needs specialised management process for detection of faults at any moment. Our team of professionals are experts in monitoring assets.
  • Dashboard – As telecommunications and technology is a critical area of operation we suggest this application to monitor resources and their performance at every level.
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