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Symbian Mobile Application Development

Justinweb as a comprehensive application development company offers it services to East African countries Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, and Rwanda. Our expertise extends to developing applications for Symban based mobile phones. Characteristic feature of Symbian operating software is creation of fun applications and are innovative and cost effective. Users having a penchant for games and multimedia applications prefer owning Symbian based hand held communicating gadgets.

Like Windows Mobile and Android, Symbian is also an open system that is independent of hardware technology. Our developers use C++, .NET, OPL, and Symbian SDK for creating applications on this OS. Areas of focus for our Symbian mobile applications include:

  • Application development for Multimedia and Games – Multimedia and games is an application area that works best on Symbian platform. This tests the creativity of our developers who are experts in designing games that test your skills and patience.
  • Data transfer applications – Data transfer application for Symbian based mobile handsets is another area of specialization. This is particularly important for companies that operate through several locations.
  • E-commerce applications – E-commerce is an application area that has universal utility in this era of online marketing. Mobile applications based of Symbian OS are helpful in conducting online trading of goods and services. In this age of online marketing it is important to stay connected in every way possible.
  • Client Server applications – Client server applications on a mobile platform is a challenge for our team of mobile application developers. We put in our best efforts to develop and integrate these applications for a Symbian operating platform.
  • Security applications – Security for computing and communicating devices is of utmost priority in these times of tough competition. Keeping your devices secured even through mobile communication instruments becomes a necessity. Security application development programs for Symbian gadgets is a speciality service provided for mobile users.
  • Bluetooth based Messaging Applications – Bluetooth based messaging applications allow Symbian based mobile phone users to send messages in a Wi-fi environment. Our qualified team of application developers are skilful in integrating programs for all hand held Symbian devices.
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