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Social Media Marketing

After having spent a few hundred years in print advertising, we have quickly adapted to the moving media such cinema and television and thereafter woken up to the wonders of the World Wide Web with customized websites to spread the world. With the phenomenal explosion in the growth and popularity in social media even in the remotest corners of Africa, businesses have woken up to the realization that they would lose out heavily if not properly represented in the popular social media websites. For the first time ever businesses are realizing that customers, both existing and potential, need to set up clean and direct lines of communication and interaction with the business. The ability of both businesses and customers to post their views and reactions on a continual basis opened up a line of communication that allowed them to become stakeholders in a more real sense of the term.

The other great advantage of a business with a presence in social media is that the greater numbers of links that can now be established with more people; this becomes a very hand tool in search engine optimization.

What can we deliver?

The essential goal behind our social media services is to leverage the power of social media to your company’s advantage. We are able to achieve this by conducting an audit of the social media opportunities as well as a competitor analysis and customized interactive strategies. Our team has domain experts who are well versed in the latest developments and trends in social media, especially in the fast-developing markets of eastern Africa; we are familiar with customer psyches and online behavior in countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Congo.

Our comprehensive social media value-additions include:

Marketing strategy: We commence with an assessment of your requirements and the available online opportunities and suggest specific solutions for enduring success social media communication.

Implementation guidelines: We can help decode the complexities of the social media marketing landscape and ensure brand integrity and development of best practices for online interaction.

Software recommendations: We will assist you to deploy the optimum software tools suited to your specific requirements, and budgetary and operating environments. Social media audit: We can measure the presence of your site across social media networks and suggest a strategy for improvement.

Profile creation: Identification of the most important social networking sites is an important activity. We also assist in the creation and management of a social media profile that is attractive to visitors and leverage a dialogue.

Competitive analysis: We will conduct a competitor activity scan and ascertain their tactics so that you can move ahead with a better communication strategy that helps building an improved community and consequential market share.

Blog design & optimization: We help out with a platform and content analysis and assist you to optimize it for best SEO and visitor attractiveness.

At every stage our intimate knowledge of how online communication works in the east African markets and the understanding of the African customer and social networking psyche works overtime to deliver the most optimal solutions for your social media marketing needs.

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