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Tomy B. Ctcopieur Inc.
"Justinweb redid the web sit of my business. He did a great job from beginning to end, I was offered ideas throughout the project and made sure we were satisfied in September 2010".
Nathalie K., CPA, CA . Vanentrepot Inc
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Frank B. Mortgage Advisor

Professional Services and Associations

Justinweb in recent years has grown to be a leading integrated service provider in ITES (information technology extended services) industry in African nations. Our rise to prominence is a result of our customised solutions offered at affordable prices and that too without making any compromise with quality. Our committed team of professionals with able support of latest technological processes work to offer comprehensive consulting services and solutions for every tangible IT issue.

Our consulting services are extended in areas of :

  • Change management and governance,
  • Business process modernization,
  • Enterprise user experience,
  • E-commerce and intranet,
  • IT strategy,
  • Solution infrastructure,
  • Solution architecture, and viii) information architecture.

Justinweb in Africa in addition to providing consulting services is also a solution giver in systems integration, enterprise mobility, enterprise and collaboration, e-commerce, and customised solutions.

Of different sectors of economy that we cater to professional services and associations is a key area of specialization. Of late there has been a rapid increase in the number of professional organizations and associations operating out of African nations and cities. As in other parts of the world, activities such as advertising, print and media, legal services, manpower management, and accounting services have grown in significance in African countries.

Justinweb works closely with Professional Services and Associations

Professional services are mostly plagued by problems of uncontrolled operational costs, inherent risks, global reach, and overall governance. With a global reach facilitated by internet it is crucial to be prompt in all transactions and processes. In addition to being swift in business processes, financial affordability is another key area of concern of professionals. With competition reaching cut throat levels because of a global playing field it is mandatory for professional associations to operate at slender margins. And one of the ways of earning profits even in this competitive environment is to have an IT infrastructure that is faultless and available.

We at Justinweb ensure an IT environment that is flawless and available. Our experts endeavour to offer solutions that take care of information architecture of your set up and also its governance. A readily available IT set up would also assist in serving customers with accuracy and prompt.

Services that have been specially devised for seamless IT integrated services for professionals are:

  • Enterprise Content Management – Our ECM strategies are designed to effectively capture, preserve, manage, and deliver documents and contents pertaining to organizations methodologies. An effective ECM would help in managing all available unstructured information, or contents. Documents such as customer correspondence, purchase orders, invoices, delivery formats, and consignment receipts are included in this category. Our properly designed ECM is the most cost-effective way of managing every such documentation.
  • Change Management – In a competitive scenario it is essential to effectuate changes regularly. Humans by nature are restrictive to changes of existing processes irrespective of their merits and demerits. Change management process implemented by us takes care of this untoward situation with ease and compliance. Our change management process based on openness and realistic expectations of employees are readily accepted by professionals and associations.
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