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Open Source Customization for Online Projects

Advantages of open source software

Building a website through employment of open source software has a number of advantages. Firstly the time required for development reduces by over 40% and this has a commensurate impact on costs. Modification rights come automatically and there is an inherent flexibility of adaptation for fulfilling special requirements that is not permitted with proprietary software. A huge pool of source codes is available off the net and with it comes feature enhancements and quick fixes.

Why customize open source software?

While all these besides vendor neutrality and enhanced portability might seem to be a dream come true for the business owner, mere employment of open source software does not always guarantee quality and hence you need to have access to a team that is proficient in open source software customization who will assist in the development of template design, skin creation and design integration- in short making custom modifications in line with specific client requirements.

Open source software customization expertise

Our team has domain experts who are well versed in the latest developments and trends in open source software customization, especially in the fast-developing markets of eastern Africa; we are familiar with client expectations as well as the operating environment in countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Congo. Our forte is in offering open source customization services that are in line with specific customer requirements. We undertake a thorough analysis in consultation with the client and decide which of the various tools are to be employed. We are proficient in:

Drupal: a free, open-source database-backed platform for web development that has powerful tools for file maintenance and an enhanced security level. A multi-user platform, Drupal allows the control of accessibility by visitors and possesses enhanced linkages for a presence in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Employment of Drupal is extremely attractive due to its immense scalability and time-tested security features.

Joomla: A powerful content management system for building websites and online applications, Joomla offers unmatched ease-of-use and scalability besides extensive multilingual support, multiple user support and excellent template options.

osCommerce: A compact and versatile e-commerce platform that is easy and quick to set up, osCommerce is a good option for clients without substantial technical expertise in online store management. The package allows easy theme and template integration with some of the most superior front-end facilities such as database management, checkout procedure, data encryption and support for multiple payment gateways.

Our open source customization services include PHPBB customization, PHPNuke, Mambo Templates, WordPres, ZenCart, among others.

We offer services in the following areas of open source customization, Africa:

  • CakePHP development
  • Zen Cart development
  • X-Cart development
  • OpenCart development
  • ROR development
  • Mambo development
  • Joomla development
  • Drupal development
  • Magento development
  • WordPress development
  • CodeIgniter development
  • OSCommerce development
  • PHPBB development
  • DotNetNuke CMS development
  • Zend Framework development
  • Open Source CMS development
  • vBulletin Forum
  • phpMyDirectory
  • ExpressionEngine CMS
  • CMS Made Simple (CMSMS)
  • ModX CMS
  • Symfony PHP Framework
  • Doctrine Framework

Beyond open source software customization

Our experienced team of software developers and systems integrators are the driving force behind customization of different open source software products and create tailor-made solutions for clients by creating custom templates, integrating custom modules or even altering the product core functionality. Our client support goes beyond the mechanics of online platform development; you will find us assisting you to identify the most appropriate open source product for your needs after evaluation of the abundance of competing products available in the open source market.

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