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iPad Application Development

Justinweb has emerged as a leading application developer in East African countries such as Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, and Uganda. Of or different application development services offered to customers, iPad application development occupies a significant place. This application allows you to design, develop and deliver programs that are feature rich and affordable.

Based on iOS5, these applications have great potential. Working on iPad applications is always an exciting experience for our developers. iPad in spite of stiff competition has been able to carve out a niche for itself in tablet market in East African countries. This tablet with features like retina display, wireless storage and transfer, multi-touch screen and orientation change makes it an outstanding model. Its sleek appearance is another tempting feature for grabbing attention of buyers. The exceptionality of iPad applications lies not in the functions that they perform but with the ease and convenience they are carried out. Herein lays the significance of this tablet from Apple Inc.

Versatility of iPad applications has made this device a much sought after product by young and old alike. This portable device has applications spread out across business and personal segments. Our developers are adept in creating customized applications for any and every purpose. Extensive possibilities of this tablet have made it an item of widespread use in multiple business and professional segments.

Some of the applications developed by us include:

  • News and information application – This application finds immense utility among businesses and individuals.
  • E-Marketing applications – This is particularly useful for commercial houses, manufacturers, and marketing agencies that engage in online trading. In this age of online trading this application is vital for commercial operations.
  • Security systems application – Through this application it is possible to monitor the security system of communication devices in your work place. This is critical for storage and transmission of high security data, images, or voice.
  • Advertising applications – Advertising is an integral part of marketing which cannot be ignored by commercial organizations. Our experienced professionals always create the best advertising options for your iPad.
  • GPS Tracking – This utility is of particular importance to travellers and drivers. This feature allows you to now your exact geographical location and your distance from your destination.
  • Weather Forecasting – Correct weather forecast is of high importance to fishermen, tourists, and adventurists.
  • Multimedia applications – This application is directed at individuals. It is possible to run audios and videos with the help of this application. A tablet is often used for viewing films or listening to your favourite numbers.
  • Social Networking – In this generation of onsite networking staying connected socially has become a trend among individuals of all ages and communities. We at Justinweb International offer this application as an avenue for creating newer friends.
  • Shopping Cart – Online shopping is a habit among buyers of goods and services. This is a convenience application that helps you in selecting your preferred commodities or services.

Why Justinweb

We have a strong presence in East African countries which helps us to provide prompt after sales support. Our specialized team of developers are able to create customized applications as per your requirements. We ensure timely deliveries and work in close association with you at every step of development.

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