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Health Sciences

Justinweb in Africa is an integrated service provider in the ITES (information technology enabled services) industry. Equipped with latest technological methods and strengthened with qualified professionals at all levels we endeavour to meet IT requirements of different commercial, infrastructural, manufacturing and professional sectors. We extend our services in ways of offering IT solutions and consulting services.

We operate throughout Africa and carter to IT needs of our customers by offering consultancy services and solutions. Justinweb consulting services are offered through:

  • Solution infrastructure,
  • Solution architecture,
  • Information architecture,
  • Intranet and e-commerce,
  • Governance and change management,
  • Business process modernization,
  • IT strategy, and enterprise user experience.

Justinweb operates in African nations as an information technology solution provider in areas of system integration, customised solutions, e-commerce, enterprise mobility, enterprise content and collaboration. We work in close association with you and offer optimum solutions at affordable rates. Throughout Africa we extend our services to different sectors, namely, health sciences, government, retail, finance and insurance, professional services, and telecommunications.

Justinweb in Health Sciences

The use of technology has gradually increased in health services offered to patients. In African nations where pricing is a crucial factor getting health services at reasonable rates is a matter of substantial benefit. Our primary objective of focussing on this sector is to increase the availability of adequate health services to a wider section of the populace. Improving health facilities and conditions in most parts of Africa is a challenge which we are fighting with success. Proper health research, thorough mapping of communities for surveys, and creating health awareness among masses are some of the functions carried out by us on behalf of customers.

It is our effort to create health packages that are effective and affordable. It is important to implement systems that provide quality assurance data universally across an organization. Effective communication in African nations is a major drawback which we are combating to the best of our abilities. Provision of patient information to health care providers is a big step in spreading of health awareness among the people.

Another area of our expertise in health systems is implementation of HIE (Health Information Exchange) which in effect allows retrieval of clinical data for better treatment of patients. Justinweb is always geared for improving health sciences through implementation of services that add value to existing facilities and infrastructure. Our focussed areas of activity are:

  • Portal development : This we believe is the initial step in creating awareness for any project or scheme. Any company needs to have a dedicated portal for sending out information of any sort.
  • Customised application development : Customised application is aimed at creating programs for specific usage. This gives considerable flexibility to clients in expressing their views and options.
  • E-commerce: In this generation of internet communication it is imperative to have a dedicated website through which commercial transactions could be made.
  • Real time applications: Most applications become outdated after a certain period of time. Our real time applications allow you to run them at any convenient moment or when required.
  • Multi-brand content platform – This service allows you to use a single platform for different purposes.
  • Intranet:Users connected to Internet could use this service provided by us for sharing files, information, and even operating systems.
  • Asset management :Asset management is an added health service provided for our customers.
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