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E-reputation / Reputation Monitoring

The power of word-of-mouth has always been a force to be reckoned with in matters of reputation management but the advent of the Internet has considerable enhanced its power to make or break reputations with its speed of dissemination of consumer opinions, reviews or rumors. Advance search engine methodologies that are routinely employed have made these opinions, views, or criticism even more visible and capable of having a powerful impact on the goodwill of your product, service or brand.

E-Reputation is essentially your entity’s profile on the Internet – a sum of all the good and bad things that exist on the World Wide Web in posts and conversations. An effective monitoring of e-reputation assists business managers to find out what is being commented upon about the business on the Internet and take appropriate action in minimizing damage. The protection of online reputation necessitates implementation of technological, legal and communication stratagems as well as expert editorial appreciation, survey and analysis of information.

Employing the correct e-reputation management implements, marketing specialists can stay ahead of what the Internet reports on their brand or product and can take preventive actions to mitigate damage, besides promoting and establishing a strong and vibrant presence.

Who are we?

We are domain experts in the field of e-reputation monitoring and management. We have an expert panel of specialists in legal affairs, trademark protection, engineers, communication strategy, public relations, intellectual property, investigation and other skills appropriate to any situation that may be faced by our clients in their fight against media mugging. While our e-reputation management services are available globally, we have come to be recognized as a force in the rapidly evolving east African markets- specifically in countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Congo.

Information dashboard

We aggregate a assortment of information that provide a critical insight into the tactics required for effective e-reputation protection. These parameters include:

  • General profile of the company
  • Results generated by search engines
  • Postings on blogs and e-media
  • Link popularity and analytics of company website
  • Forum discussions

Information sources:

We partner with popular search engines, information directories and data providers to keep abreast of what the online world is saying about our client’s brands, products or services. This information is the starting block of our online reputation management services.

Real-time surveillance:

When we partner with clients for the e-reputation monitoring and management services, we set up a schedule of e-mail alerts in advance that keeps the company management in the know of the developments in the online space. The frequencies of such alerts are client specifiable and customizable with selected business category information. The information can be filtered by multiple criteria, such as date, keywords, relevance, source, dictionary, etc.


All client information can be accessed online through standardized as well as customized web interfaces through personal computing devices, including mobiles. Simple and intuitive navigation on the interfaces make it easy even for the lay client to access all relevant information.

Information organization:

The collected information is capable of easy management and organized into widgets and web pages that permit users unmatched flexibility in monitoring their desired business profiles.

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