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"Thanks to the team Justinweb, we now have a website that meets our expectations and those of our customers. The team of web masters JustinWeb like nobody else in February 28, 2010".
Tomy B. Ctcopieur Inc.
"Justinweb redid the web sit of my business. He did a great job from beginning to end, I was offered ideas throughout the project and made sure we were satisfied in September 2010".
Nathalie K., CPA, CA . Vanentrepot Inc
"Justinweb made the design and development blog for graphic design services and illustration. You do a great job! Thank you for the many cafes after meetings. You can check the services offered Justinweb . in November 2010 ".
Robert k. Robertka Inc.
"I've always been happy with the job JustinWeb provided. What pleases me most is followed, the value added that Justinweb always puts in our collaboration.Justinweb always the concern that the job is done and profitable for us, that's what I enjoy most. I will not hesitate to recommend Justinweb around me in February 22, 2010".
Frank B. Mortgage Advisor

Consumer Brands and Retail

Justinweb is an established name in ITES (information technology enabled services) industry in Africa. We through our dedicated endeavours cater to different productive segments in areas of IT consulting and solution services. Through our team of committed professionals backed by current generation technological applications we are capable of addressing each and every sphere of information technology throughout Africa. Our services extend across all African nations and communities.

Justinweb specialises in providing effective solutions at competitive rates in areas of customised solutions, enterprise collaboration and content, enterprise mobility, e-commerce, and system integration. Our operations also comprise consulting services in spheres of:

  • IT strategy,
  • Change governance and management,
  • Business process modernization,
  • Enterprise user experience,
  • E-commerce and intranet,
  • Solution architecture,
  • Information architecture,
  • Solution infrastructure.

Online Trading facilitated by Justinweb

Justinweb in Africa provides all these consulting services and solutions for organizations in consumer goods and retail sector located all over Africa. Consumer trade is a vast and complicated area of operation and offers a tough challenge to any IT service integrator and service provider. We take pride in stating that we have been able to meet the challenge of addressing the intricate IT needs of consumer and retail segment.

With trading now widening to online form the opportunities have increased manifold for marketers and traders. Online trading has not only increased the market size but also reduced transaction processing time. Retail chain operations necessitate smooth movement of commodities from one tier to another without delay and at affordable cost. An efficient supply chain management (SCM) ensures this for both offline and online business transactions.

Brand creation and brand awareness are two most important aspects in retailing. This is most effectively done through online marketing techniques. Our professionals are experts in brand creation for products for retailing. We do product retailing at both national and international levels as per your marketing requirements. Globalization necessitates retaining of existing customers, creation of newer buyers, and tapping virgin territories.

On line catalogue – One of our primary functions in retailing is creation of on-line catalogues. These point of sales materials to inform and impress customers are indispensable in any form of marketing. These need to be striking, informative, and aesthetic.

Websites – Website creation is a vital step towards online marketing. Our well designed websites are certain to attract more viewers who may subsequently turn into customers. Our team of graphic artists, content writers, and web designers are adept in creating the most attractive websites.

System Integration – A crucial aspect of any consumer business and retailing is efficient system integration. Processes like supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and logistics are inherent in retailing activities. It is important that these are connected together seamlessly for a faultless operation.

Dashboards – Monitoring of resources and identification of key result areas (KRA) are critical in consumer goods business. Through this it is possible to indentify areas of lacunae and areas that standout. After identification of weaker areas corrective measures could be taken instantaneously.

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