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Blackberry Mobile Application Development

Justinweb takes special care in developing BlackBerry applications. The real challenge in this class of development lays in balancing an application that makes judicious use of battery life. For BlackBerry applications the factors that determine the effectiveness of an application are memory, screen size, screen appearance and battery life. BlackBerry devices have a characteristic way of handling which is absolutely different from handling other hand held devices or computing systems. Its ease of use in performing tasks and easy access to information makes BlackBerry applications unique.

We at Justinweb use MDS and J2ME software platforms for developing BlackBerry applications. These constitute an IDE (integrated development environment) for offering tools for complete application development. These developed tools are meant to run successfully is all BB devices. Among MDS and J2ME the latter is more versatile and featured for gaining maximum functionality of applications that are developed by our expert professionals.

Though use of BlackBerry is more prominent among business users and professionals, its use among general users is considerable. With BlackBerry our developers are at greater liberty to develop customized applications that perform at a higher level. These developers combine techniques of Java, Visual Studio, and Eclipse to create customized applications as per your exact demands. This combination of technical knowledge and innovative ideas helps in effective utilization of resources at our end. This benefit to customers is always offered at a reasonable price.

At Justinweb we work on the following BlackBerry Application development:

  • E-commerce Applications - This is among the fundamental application programs developed by us. For BlackBerry users. B2C (business-to-consumer), and C2C (consumer-to-consumer) are two forms of online transactions that constitute a major portion of e-commerce.
  • Internet Based development applications – This is perhaps the main reason for selecting a BlackBerry hand held device. Access to internet and different packages based on its usage was the main reason behind popularisation of BB gadgets.
  • Multimedia applications – Multimedia applications that go beyond the ordinary are a forte with BlackBerry users. Contents rich in visuals and sound are run conveniently in BB devices. Applications based on multimedia creations offer a challenge to our team of experts.
  • Business Intelligence Applications – This is a highly specialised form of techno-commercial activity that involves deployment of superior technology and applications. Application development of this category always employs the most qualified resources available.
  • ERP Applications – This once again is an application development area that is restricted to large manufacturing and operational set ups. These set ups could even be spread over a global expanse. Creating programs on ERP solutions is a tough task.
  • CRM Applications – Together with ERP applications, CRM is also an equally demanding application program. If ERP deals specifically with enterprise resources and its management, CRM focuses on customer relationship. This is an important aspect for monitoring the supply side of a manufacturing or commercial undertaking.
  • Wireless Entertainment - Unhindered access to entertainment channels is another feature of BlackBerry devices. Application developers at Justinweb are proficient in innovating programs that offer multiple options in online wireless entertainment.
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